No gym, no workout… right?

Confused manWhen it comes to exercise, not everyone has the ability to access a gym, or the proper materials at home. When I first began my fitness journey, I had little to no equipment. I had to find ways to use what I had around the house to get the most out of my workouts. Below are some of the ways I overcame this obstacle!

Me doing chair dips.

Me doing chair dips.

A great exercise I found you can do at home is a chair dip. Chair dips are a great way to work your triceps. As the name says, all you need is a chair. I found that any stable chair or a firm couch works best for this exercise.

Me doing standing pushups

Me doing standing pushups.

Standing pushups are fast, easy to do and can be done pretty much anywhere! This exercise works your upper body, and is great if you want to squeeze something extra into to your workout. I varied how I did this exercise; walls, chairs, tables and my couch were all places I did standing pushups. Each location gave me a different difficulty level to get the most out of the exercise.

Me doing box jumps.

Me doing box jumps.

If you’re like me and training for a Spartan Race or other obstacle course race, then box jumps are a great exercise. There are multiple obstacles that require jumping up, such as grabbing the top of a wall to climb over, or jumping to get up to monkey bars. These obstacles are very common, and a great way to train for them includes box jumps. If you dont have a Plyo Box lying around, you can use a park bench, a street curb, or stairs leading up to a porch. Only go as far and as high as you feel comfortable and safe with! These three options give you various heights and locations to practice.

How to do a russian twist on the floor.

How to do a russian twist on the floor.  Image Source

Russian twists great for your abs, this exercise is easy to do whether you’re just starting, or if you already have an established fitness plan. If you want to spice this exercise up, add a medicine ball to work your muscles even more!

Stretching is a great exercise you can do at home!

Stretching is a great exercise you can do at home! Image Source

As SpartanRaceTube says, “You’re crazy if you don’t stretch before and after your workout.” Some common stretches almost everybody knows include; standing toe touch, sitting toe touch, and knee to chest stretch. For examples of stretches before you exercise, Watch Mojo has a video on stretching before running. Stretching is a great way to loosen up before and after a workout, and it also helps with flexibility.

When I first started to exercise back in April, not having fancy equipment was one of my biggest excuses NOT to do my workout. However, I found that there were so many ways to get a good workout without equipment. Its important to always find a reason to keep going.

Leave a comment with your favorite exercise that doesn’t use equipment. You can also leave a comment on my @JourneyToSpartan Instagram or tweet to me @Journey2Spartan!

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2 thoughts on “No gym, no workout… right?

  1. During the fall/spring when my son has soccer practice on the same days I have bootcamp, I take the gym with me to the soccer field. I take 10 lb weights (not much but reps can be good), a band, one of those small bands for around my ankles, a blanket, and soon to be medicine ball. I do my workout right there. I run the fields/paths, use the benches for box jumps or step-ups, use the playground equipment when no one is on them, etc. A gym isn’t required at all! It isn’t always as focused as bootcamp but it keeps me in shape until I can get there regularly again.

    • Thats so true! It’s awesome that you are able to find time to do your workout on the go. What you said is 100% true, during the school year I’m not sure how often I can get to the gym, but you can be sure that I’ll find time to workout and stay fit until I can have a gym schedule again!

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