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Spartan Up Author Joe De Sena Inspired Jonathan Horbund

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My name is Jonathan, I’m fourteen and used to be what anyone would describe “The average teenager.” Like the many others in my age group I used to spend most of my time on the couch watching T.V. or playing video games, wasting time as I clicked away at the keyboard. Around 2012 or so I realized that what I was doing was anything but good and that I was setting myself up for disaster in the years to come. I recently went on the video games I used to play and checked the time played, what I found shocked me. The number totaled up to be 3,268 hours of game time, or about 136 days. In that time I could have learned a language, studied more, read more books, spent time with family or joined a gym.

Looking back there is so many more things I could have done with those 136 days other than looking at a screen playing a game that in the real world is insubstantial. That being said, struggling with weight has been an issue on both sides of my family and the last thing I wanted to do was follow in the footsteps of them, I wanted to break the chain. At the time, although I had a goal, I had no motivation to pursue it, letting it slip from my mind once again. The motivation I needed would come to me in the April of this year.

My family signed up for The Biggest Loser 5k Run/Walk that was part of the Miami Spartan Super. My mom told me that it was part of Spartan Race and me having no idea what Spartan Race was at the time made me curious so I did some research on it and what I found made me excited and nervous. Finally the date came, at the end of the race I was energized, motivated and filled with a happiness that I never thought could be achieved by anything like this. I began to go on walks more and start taking what I ate more seriously and even bought a couple of weights. Then I read “Spartan Up!”  and I knew I had the fire in me to do this and I wouldn’t let it go.

I got a gym membership, began doing the Spartan WOD religiously, got in touch with other Spartans to learn more about the race and how they trained. Since April 12, I haven’t touched a video game since and the only time I watch T.V. is with my family to spend time with them. My family is currently in the process of training for the 2015 Tampa Sprint and can’t wait to see what type of course the team at Spartan can put together! 


Joe De Sena Spartan Race founder, Author of Spartan Up book.

Joe De Sena Spartan Race founder, Author of the “Spartan Up!” book.

The above was an email I sent Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena thanking him for how he influenced me to pursue the Spartan journey. Joe’s response as well as the other members of the Spartan Team gave me an even stronger fire to continue on this path as well as the motivation to start this blog. I hope to do the same with you as you follow me on the Journey To Spartan.

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