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My Fitness Pal

myfitnesspal I’m back with another great app that I use to help me stay on track with my goals of becoming a spartan. Exercising is only half the deal of weight loss and being healthy, eating properly is the other part of the deal. I find that eating right is the tougher of the two for […] Continue reading →

Charity Miles

The Charity Miles Loading Screen I’ve realized that one of the best parts of exercising, besides feeling better, is when you can see your hard work pay off. As great as that is, what if there was a way to help others while you do your fitness routine? Well there is. Charity Miles is an app that tracks your running/walking/biking, […] Continue reading →

The Daily Focuses

The Daily Focuses Everyday, no matter the circumstances, there are three main requirements that I make sure to fulfill. 1.) Maintain a positive mindset – I feel that if you’re negative about anything, whether it’s taking out the trash or doing a workout, it makes the task one hundred times more difficult and you hate every second of it. When […] Continue reading →